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Easy Flowering Onion Cutter

Simple to make, and a genuine crowd pleaser, flowering onions may be the biggest boost to your check totals in years. Sturdy construction holds up to the toughest, day-in, day-out use, and it's a snap to clean!

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Nemco Easy Onion Slicer

For onions, celery, potatoes, pickles, green peppers, firm tomatoes, oranges, etc. A unique, top-down drive to slice fruits and vegetables quickly and easily in one smooth strocke. No waste, just perfect slices every time. Unique multitiered blade...

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Nemco Easy Tuna Press

Nemco Easy Tuna Press leaves tuna fresh and flaky. Great for canned spinach too. Removes excess water from canned tuna quickly and easily for better food quality. Sandwiches and salads stay fresh longer, retain a more appetizing appearance because...

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Plastic Push Block

NEM-55417 - Push Block for 1/4" and 1/2"NEM-55418 - Push Block for 3/8"

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NEMCO Grid Blade Assemblies

Interchangeable grids for NEMCO FryKutter and Easy Chopper allow you to chop a variety of sizes.NEMCO 1/4" Blade Assembly NEM-55424-1 $59.95 NEMCO 3/8" Blade Assembly NEM-55424-2 $52.95 NEMCO 1/2" Blade Assembly NEM-55424-3 $45.95

Only $59.95 - Click here to buy now!

EOC NEMCO Easy Wall Mount Dicer

Cut potatoes for french fries and cut carrots and celery sticks. Chop onions, peppers, tomatoes for salads. Uses an exclusive short throw handle and superior engineering to improve leverage for smooth, easy cutting or wedging in just one stroke. Built...

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NEMCO Easy Tomato Slicer

Tomato Slicer is ideal for slicing strawberries and mushrooms too. Perfect for keeping fresh tomatoes on hand for hamburgers, subs, salads, etc. Compact unit saves time and labor. Makes 3/16" Slices.

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Additional NEMCO PowerKut Blade

NEM-55707-C SpiralNEM-55707-R RibbonAvailable extra blades for PowerKut Cutters. Ribbon or Spiral.

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Nemco Easy Juicer

Easy Juicer puts a 20 to 1 mechanical advantage in the palm of your hand so you can get every last drop of freshness for more juice every time. Specially designed ergonomic handle is easy to grip. Aluminum and stainless steel construction. Removable strainer...

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Nemco 6000A2 2 Bulb Heat Lamp

Includes Bulbs.

Only $109.00 - Click here to buy now!

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