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Jet-Tech Cup and Glass Washer F-16DP

Integrated 18/8 stainless steel booster. Automatic injection of rinse-addative with built-in pump. Automatic drain pump and detergent pump. Complete operating cycle: 120 seconds. Single phase electrical power supply 208-220V, 60Hz, 15 Amps. Water consumption...

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High Temp Undercounter Dishwasher

Completely automatic wash and rinse cycles including one washing phase at 150F with detergent, and one rinsing phase with 185F water regulated by dual thermostatic controls. Hourly capacity: 540 pieces (dishes/cups) or about 750 standard size glasses....

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Jet-Tech Deluxe" Hood Type Dishwasher

High hood opening facilitates the washing of tall items. Completely automatic wash and rinse programs with a washcycle of 150F (65C) with detergent and rinse cycle of 185F (85C). Model 767 is built with twin three-phase wash motor pumps of 2 HP each (total...

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Jet Tech Silver Sushi Cases

Designed to display sushi, meats, salads, desserts andmany other items for quick point of purchase sales. Features a curved front tempered glass for added visibility, safetyand increased durability. New enlarged front hinged glass tilts forward to simplify...

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Jet Tech Black Sushi Cases

Luxura by Jet Tech refrigerated sushi display cases available with compressor on left or right side. Curved front tempered glass. Anodized aluminum with bronze finish. Internal illumination of displayed foods. Electronic SMARTEMP adjustable thermostat....

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High Temp Hood-Type Dishwasher

Body, external housing, wash tank, and all chassis components in brushed stainless steel. Wash tank and hood with double steel wall thermically sealed and acoustically insulated for low head and noise emissions. Upper and lower wash and rinse jets on...

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Jet Tech Low Temperature Door-Type Dishwasher

New and improved wash arm design made entirely of stainless steel provides you with better cleaning power and the most effective wash spray pattern. Highest quality fabrication using the most advanced machinery will ensure long-life and increased durability....

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Jet Tech Europa Refrigerated Display Case

Jet Tech Europa high capacity refrigerated display case. Counter-top model is 54" long with a curved glass front. Three 12" x 20" x 2 1/2" pan capacity (pans not included). Interior lighting (with protective cover) enhances overall product appearance....

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Jet Tech Undercounter Dishwasher F-18DP

Fully automatic program with wash phase at 150F and final rinse phase at 185F. 24 racks per hour capacity. Features built-in rinse-additive pump for sparkling results and built-in automatic detergent pump for consistency. Built-in automatic drain pump...

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