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Whisk Key Ring

Chefs and bakers unite! Don't hide your talent and passion! Whimsical key ring measures 3 inches.

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Tutti Frutti

FREI-124613 ~ StrawberryFREI-124665 ~ CornFREI-124668 ~ GrapeFREI-124620 ~ TomatoBy Sheonle. These colorful scales bring out the smiles. Analog readout. Capacity: 1 kg / 2 lb. 3 oz. (all styles).Increments: grapes, corn, tomato: 10 g (1/2 oz). strawberry:...

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Perfect Beaker with Freshness Seal Lid

Features six measurements (cups, fl. oz., pints, tsp, TBS, ml/ccm) with many increments (e.g., 1-3/4 cup). Quickly measures combined quantities such as 1 cup plus 2 TBS. A must for every bread machine user, cook and home baker. Narrow base ensures...

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