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Margarita Salts

CR-102-R RedCR-102 WhiteCR-102-O OrangeCR-102-GR GreenCR-102-B Blue What's Shakin! Margarita Salts. 6 oz. container of salt in traditional white or festive colors. Colors won't stain skin.

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Quat Compound Test Strips (for use with Steramine Tablets)

One box. 15 feet of laboratory approved solution test tape. For use with steramine tablets.

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Napkin Holder

Plain napkin holder for Bev Naps. Bev naps available below.

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Sword / Arrow Picks - 1000

CR-500 Arrow Pics (colors will vary): $4.95RJSP3AFAP Regular Colored Swords (colors vary): $4.95Available in sword style (left) or arrow style (right) - add to cart to select style. Box of 1,000.

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Bar Mat - 3-1/4 x 24 Inch

CR-753-BLK BlackCR-753-BLU BlueCR-753-BRO BrownBar mat & shot glass holder. Flexible thermoplastic rubber. Easily cleaned. Measures 24" long x 3-1/4" wide. Colors: Black, Blue, or Brown.

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Drain Funnel with Medium Screen

1-1/2 Quart, 7 inch diameter funnel with medium screening mesh. Keeps waste material from plugging drain lines. Black polyethylene.

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Popcorn Scoop

Also can be used as a french fry scooper. Plastic scoop will not burn your hands from hot oil or other heat.

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Plastic Dust Covers

Soft plastic dust covers. Fits over all standard liquor pourers to keep unwanted fruit flies and dust particles out of your liquor. Easily slips on and off in seconds. Use at night or all day long. Priced per dozen.

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Powerbomb Cups

No more missing or broken glasses! Eliminates bartender overfilling. Stackable, easy to fill with no mess. Also dishwasher safe if you want to re-use. Comes packed in assorted colors.

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