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Country Club Gas Grill Package A4CC

Includes all features of the Country Club Gas Grill plus LP Holder and 30lb. propane cylinder. Cast iron grates are upgraded from the stainless steel grates. 8 Burners, 20,000 Btu's/Burner. 23" x 70" x 31"High. Cooking size is 16.25" x 65". Attractive...

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Big John A4CC Gas Grill Package With Hood

Includes Stainless Steel Hood, Cast Iron Grate Upgrade, LP Holder and 30 lb. cylinder. Attractive combination of stainless steel and wrought iron framework. The entire fire box is manufactured from high quality, Type 304 stainless steel. Temperature...

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Big John Country Club Gas Grill

This unit includes stainless steel grates, 6" hose and regulator. Comes complete with large, easy rolling 8" wheels and 4" swivel casters. 31 inches high. 20,000 BTU/burner. Available in 3 sizes.

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Big John E-Z Way Towable Roaster/Smoker

Let an E-Z Way Roast a 300 lb. pig or smoke chicken for your next large party! Natural convection circulates heat, reducing roasting time and eliminating the need toturn the meat. Gas control valve is equipped with pilot assembly and thermocouple for...

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The Original Big John Charcoal Grill

Available with black powder coat finish that is heat resistant to 1000 degrees (models ending in the letter B are black powder coat models. Big John grill tops feature a one-piece, welded steel core for strength and double nickel plating for durability...

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Combination Charcoal Grill and Rotisserie

Big John Grill features a large 2 x 5 foot grilling section. Spit Capacity: 125 lbs Pig. Old Fashioned open pit BBQ grilling and authentic rotisserie cooking in one versatile unit. Perfect for slow roasting pig, lamb, goat, venison, steamship rounds...

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