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Fagor Door Style Dishwasher FI-120W

FG-FI-120W-208-3 ~ 208v/60/3 47 amp 3 wire plus groundFG-FI-120W-208-1 ~ 208v/60/1 68 ampFG-FI-120W-240-3 ~ 240v/60/3 52 amp 3 wire plus groundFG-FI-120W-240-1 ~ 240v/60/1 79 ampThe Fagor Door Style Dishwasher is constructed of heavy duty type 304 stainless...

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Fagor Commercial Single Tank Conveyor Dishwasher

FG-FI-200W-L-R Left to Right OperationFG-FI-200W-R-L Right to Left OperationHeavy duty stainless steel construction, Type 304. Auto-fill. Auto-start. Two independent wash motor pumps. Two speed motor. Built-in electric booster heater. Electric tank heater....

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Fagor Commercial All Purpose Dishwasher

The FI-72W is a fully automatic dishwasher completely constructed of high-quality stainless steel, type 304.Both upper and lower wash and rise arms are constructed of stainless steel to ensure a long life span. The unit is ergonomically designed for ease...

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Fagor Undercounter Glass Washer

This Fagor Glass Washer is a high temperature, undercounter washer with built-in booster. Can wash 30 racks per hour. Fully automatic wash and rinse cycle with correct temperature indicators for consistent cleaning. 304 stainless steel exterior. Measures...

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Fagor Undercounter Dishwasher

Heavy duty type 304 stainless steel construction. Auto-fill with built-in detergent pump. Built-in drain pump. Automatic drain valve to prevent overflow. Built-in electric booster heater Utilizes fresh hot water rinse. Electric tank heater. Low water...

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