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DOUGHPRO Pizza Press - Countertop Model, Manual Operation

The most popular DoughPro pizza press. Perfect for medium to high volume pizza shops. The DP1100 features a manual operation (no motor or compressor required). Flattens all size pizzas up to and including 18" in diameter. Operating the DP1100 is simple,...

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DOUGHPRO Electro-Mechanical Pizza Press

Electro-Mechanical Automatic Dough Press from DoughPro. Simply press two buttons and the press does the rest! Counter model with automatic electro-mechanical operation with digital time and temperature control. Includes dial-in thickness adjustment an...

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DoughPro Pizza Pro Dough Roller

Dough Roller (double pass). Heavy duty stainless steel construction. Compact table top design, allows for easyplacement on any counter or mobile base. Spring loaded scrapers make it easy to remove and clean rollers. Rolls up to an 18" crust. Simple two...

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Doughpro Junior Manual Pizza Press

The PP1800 Pizza press from DoughPro is perfect for light duty applications. Digital control with timer and counter. The heated upper platen helps cold dough flow faster. Manually operated, no motor or compressors required. Flattens all size pizzas up...

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Doughpro Tortillapro Tortilla Press

Flatten Pizza dough like a professional...without skilled labor!Whether you need to simply par bake your dough, or speed up the flattening operation, the Model DP2000 does it all. Tortillas, mushi skins, pizza and especially thin crust pizzas can all...

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DoughPro Personal Pan Pizza Press

Here?s a fast, exciting way to par bake and form theperfect 8" personal size pizza crusts using your ownfrozen dough.The PizzaPro Par-Bake Dough Press from DoughPro creates the perfect personal pan, 8" diameter pizza in seconds. Counter model with heated...

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