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Classic Chrome Toaster by Maverick

Classic Chrome Toaster by Maverick. Warming feature lets you prepare the perfect meal. One side only toasting for bagels and muffins. Defrost Button for frozen bread, waffles, breakfast tarts. Adjustable light/dark control forperfect toast. Wide mouth...

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Henrietta Hen Egg Cooker

Hard or soft boils up to seven eggs. Poaches up to four eggs. Unique egg cooker designed in the shape of a stylized chicken makes and excellent gift for the gourmet cook. When the eggs are cooked, Henrietta chirps. UL listed. By Maverick.

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Redi-Chek Pro

Maverick Redi-Chek Pro. Instantly reads food temperatures in 2 to 6 seconds. Just insert into food, push "Press" button, and read. Eliminates the guesswork - never overcook your barbecue again. Long stainless steel temperature probe great for outdoor/indoor...

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Deluxe Food Grinder by Maverick

Powerful motor grinds and pushes thoroughly through the thickest meats. High quality European design and manufacturing. Perfect for homemade sausage, meat loaf, hamburger, baby food, and more. Grind cheese, nuts, fruits, and vegetables. Comes with three...

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