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The water bath warmer/cooker in a traditional kettle shape is constructed of spun aluminum with a durable epoxy coating. Water vessel and hinged lid are stainless steel. Lid stays upright during ladling and features a rim that collects moisture and returns it to the food. Includes exclusive 11-quart stainless steel inset and a write-on magnetic flavor card with wipe-off marker. The precalibrated positive off thermostat controls a 1500 watt heating element. Temperature settings¨marked on thermostatknob¨range from 60 Fahrenheit to 200 Fahrenheit. A greenindicator light confirms unit has reached set temperature when unlit. The Kettle Server will heat frozen product to serving temperature and is NSF-certified as a rethermalization unit. Features a spun aluminum shroud with stainless steel vessels for durability. Adjustable precalibrated thermostat for accurate heat control.Temperature marks on knob with protective knob guard.Hinged lid stays upright during ladling for easy customer use. Li

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