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Hoshizaki 59 Inch Refrigerated Sushi Display Case HNC-150AA

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HZ-HNC-150AA-L Left HandedHZ-HNC-150AA-R Right Handed (pictured)59 inch model available right or left handed. 1 Phase 115V 60Hz electrical. Glass, ABS plastic, PVC Plastic, salvanized steel exterior. Glass, ABS plastic, stainless steel interior. Top glass angles down. Ceiling easier to clean. NSF approved thermometer. 80 degrees F maximum ambient. Large diameter 1 inch drains at front. Load line is 3.5 inches above the floor. Larger front to back interior, 11 inches. Interior floor has radius at all four sides. Self-contained refrigeration unit-easy to install. Condenser airflow is in the back and out the side. Large diameter upper evaporator with tin plating. Solid-food plates with radius groove to fit sushi foods. Larger condenser face area improves cooling performance. Slightly taller doors with plastic seal at end, opposite the handle. Food plates can be turned upside down and used to improve cooling performance. Convection cooling refrigeration system. 2 piece sliding door. NSF. 5

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