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With Sharp's Commercial High Speed Oven, any of the 60 most popular menu items can be prepared easily and effortlessly. Simply put the food in the oven and follow the prompts on SharpÆs 3-line, 30-character display. ItÆs that simple. Preprogrammed categories include Convenience Appetizers and snacks like French Fries, Poppers and Tamales, and Convenience Meats, Fish & Poultry for items such as chicken nuggets, corn dogs and veggie patties. ThereÆs a BakedGoods category that includes sweet rolls and cupcakes aswell as Basic Cook settings for foods like hamburgers, lambchops and pork tenderloin. SharpÆs Commercial High Speed Oven is loaded with proprietary technology that brings you more customizing options than ever before. SelectaProgram provides eight special cooking programs, such as Speed Grill, Express Defrost and Convection, so users are guaranteed perfect results. Three year warranty on magnetron tube. One year parts and labor. 208 Volt.

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